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Mortgage Due Diligence

Since 1994, QualiMae® has been a market leader in loan due diligence, reviewing millions of loans for private-label residential mortgage-backed securitizations (RMBS) as well as portfolio and MSR sales. QualiMae® has the expertise and scale to handle virtually any size engagement, ensuring that assets and processes meet quality, compliance, and reporting standards and comply with regulatory, rating agency, and investor requirements.

Mortgage Pre-Funding Quality Control

Pre-funding quality control audits are a very important part of the mortgage origination process because they catch any discrepancies and assure mortgage loan quality before the mortgage is fully funded, therefore avoiding any potentially serious problems later. The Founders of QualiMae® are the Inventors of The Pre-Funding Quality Control process. QualiMae® WAS THE 1ST COMPANY IN THE NATION TO PROGRAM AND DEVELOP A PRE-FUNDING QUALITY CONTROL PLAN. The Pre-funding quality control consists of an analysis of the income and liabilities used to qualify the borrower in order to make sure it is accurate.

Mortgage Post-Closing Quality Control

QualiMae® auditors use QCM, our proprietary software in order to complete the Quality Control Post-closing audits and validate the information in each file selected for QC. This review includes income, assets, employment, credit history, approval, closing documents, disclosures, and appraisal review. We review every document required in the mortgage origination process. After the audit is completed QualiMae® will provide the client with management reports and individual reports that are easy to read and understand. These reports include the Exception Action Report so any deficiencies can be easily corrected when found. QualiMae® has been providing Post-closing Quality Control services that satisfy major regulatory bodies such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, and all other Non-QM requirements since 1994.

Quality Control Plan

QualiMae® Quality Control Plan is revised periodically in order to stay up to date with any current changes in our industry. We always strive to meet your investor requirements. QualiMae® knows the most important Requirements of a Great Quality Control Plan is that what is stated on the plan is fully implemented on a regular basis. We can issue our QualiMae® QC Plan which will help you with your investor approvals or QualiMae® can help you design a QC Plan that is Customized to your company’s specific needs or requirements.

EPD Reviews

When a mortgage goes into default, especially in the first few months after origination an Early Payment Default review is required. This review of the origination process must be done in order for the lender to feel secure there is no misrepresentation or a pattern of misrepresentations and can report to his investors any important findings. These reviews are a little more extensive due to the sensitive timelines and consequences.

State-Specific Quality Control

QualiMae® tracks all state, federal, and agency statutes and requirements applying to mortgage lending, servicing, and foreclosure. QualiMae’s Compliance Team then develops supporting audit questions which automatically appear in the audit testing script when appropriate. Most questions include links to the applicable statute or guideline. The result is that QualiMae’s auditors, and those working at firms that license QualiAudit Software, can audit with confidence using current information regarding state regulations.

QualiMae® Consulting Services

Through the years, the experience our QualiMae® staff and partners have acquired is very valuable because even though times change every single guideline change has a reason and history to back it up. We, at QualiMae®, enjoy helping lenders every single time with consulting services that will comfort them when they are worried and help the lenders follow actions that will always make them shine in front of their investors and the world.

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